Learning Blog #2 (B): What I learned about Libraries from reading about a Taco Truck

Mission Street Food (http://www.amazon.com/Mission-Street-Food-Improbable-Restaurant/dp/1936365154/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316458124&sr=8-1) is now a wll regarded San Francisco restaurant. But in the early days it was simpy a rented out Taco truck helmed by Anthony Myint, a young chef who needed a way to get his own food out to the public. Rather than take on the exxpensive overhead of a restaurant, he simply started cooking, first in the truck, than by renting out space in a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, and than a burger stand in a grocery store.

This has something to do with libraries, bear with me.

I think my “A-ha” moment this week has to do with realizing that while I can still try the traditional way of gaining experience in public libraries (volunteering, interning,many job applications), there are many things that I can do on my owon to gain experience as well. It’s all well and good to play lip service to Library 2.0, but if I really value what’s happening, than it’s time to get out in the world and find my own taco truck. I don’t need to be a a librarian to participate in Library 2.0.

Part of that is this blog.  I admit it: I’m “a bit” of a control freak when it comes to writing. I ‘ve spent a long time fussing and fretting over every word I’ve written, whether it be creative writing(fiction) or schoolwork. But as Michael Stephens points out, part of being a Librarian 2.0 is the idea of letting go of control.  

So here we go; letting go of control and participating in the Library 2.0 All thanks to a Taco truck!


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