Learning Blog 4b: My “ah-ha!” moment

After my last post I was mentally exhausted, and while I did not have an “ah-ha” moment this week, I did have several “hmmmmm” ones

  • Writing long meaningful posts are extremely difficult. I can write fiction and academic papers in much less time than personal/interesting essays. I wonder why that is?
  • Perhaps because their a combination of the personal and professional?
  • My favorite new library blog is this one: http://peopleslibrary.wordpress.com/ It’s from the Occupy Wall Street movement. To me not only is this a fantastic example of a non-technological based 2.0-in spirit library (it’s very very  particapatory) but also an example of people’s intrinsic need for libraries. Seriously, wherever we gather we “build” a library.
  • I think there is a research project somehow in the topic of “libraries built in unusual places”.
  • I think librarians have always catered to the Long Tail. Perhaps because we define our “market” differently: people’s need for information. At least that’s one defenition. We have always been willing to find resources for people’s “niche” interests. So that’s not changing even if the nature of the Long Tail changes (i.e. interest shifts down the tail).
  • What has changed is that people have many options other than the library; they’re even creating their own resources.
  • Anderson mentions 3d printers (p.225) and one possible scenario for the future of manufacturing. All of these changes in the way we produce and consume information and products demand that we have an educated, well informed society. So there is definately a place for librarians but it really demands that we step up our game now.
  • But perhaps my biggest near “ah-ha” moment came this week when I was reminded that the only reason I’ve ever written is this: I write what I want to read. Which means sometimes it’s time hit the “Publish” button. And so I have.

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