Learning blog 5b: Challenges

When I first started this program I wanted to work in special collections (specializing in Children’s Literature). Than there was a long period where I wanted to be a Children’s Librarian in a Public Library. While those are still goals, the longer I’m been in the program the more my interests have skewed towards the involvement between libraries, technology,and society. Mobile librarianship,digital content, digital storytelling, crowdsourcing, these are all notions that fascinate me. To me it seems that the most innovative libraries are somehow fascinated by these concepts too.

However: my background mostly in literature means I have a large learning curve to climb. So this weeks challenge was trying to learn about technology that I have little to no experience with. I am doing a presentation on QR Codes this week, and want to focus other clas work on other technological issues. So it’s been a struggle, but than I also am reminded that I have the luxury of  learning this all  in a friendly, supportive environment, without worrying about funding or politics or any of the hundreds of things librarians need to deal with daily. So I relaxe. I take my time. I try and understand. And I finish another blog.


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