Learning Blog 6b: Challenges

I referred to a conversation I had with a table of public librarians in my earlier post, and I’d like to elaborate here.  We were discussing the rather difficult to handle contracts that the e-book distributer Overdrive has handed out to libraries. The overwhelming consensus at the table was that libraries simply had to accept them. Patrons wanted e-books NOW, and they didn’t care what rights or privelleges either they or the libraries had to lose in order to get them.

I didn’t think then, and I still don’t think now that this should be the end of the conversation. At the time I simply kept my mouth shut (metaphorically:  in actuality I ate my dessert).  Afterall, who was I to dispute actual librarians? But there are other options, there are always other options. I presented one in the previous post, but there are probably others. It’s easy to be intimidated by experience though, that’s probably one of the big challenges I faced this last week.

But experience can also mean being stuck in ways of thinking. So as I struggle to find my own voice in the progran and profession, I keep in mind that society, technology, and libraries are changing so fast that’s it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with. So I’m seeing more and more value in hearing and having knowledge from outside the profession.  So despite the need for more experience (I still want a job after graduation)  I’m trusting more the voice inside of me that sees thing differently.  Perhaps as a result of falling though the Looking Glass?


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