Learning Blog 7b: False Starts

You may have noticed the Looking Glass has a new luck this week. Gone are the John Tenniel drawings of Alice in exchange for a sleeker look. I already miss her, she may come back. That is the heart of the issue this week, tyring to make up my mind. (Cue the Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go” to play). This is typical of me, mulling things over and changing my mind severa times before finally deciding on a course of action. In example, I believe I changed my final Reference project TWICE before finally settling on my topic. Usually once I’ve made up my mind, I can move quickly. 

For this class I’ve gone back and forth for weeks over my project and topic presentation but all my ideas have felt half-baked and un-formed. My classmates signed up to do projects on crowdsourcing and mobile libraries. Which is fantastic,but also something I had been half considering. There are some half formed ideas about Augmented Reality projects as well as Virtual Libraries. And games; I had some ideas about games and crowdsourcing.

I finally formed a good project idea about hyperlocality and libraries, something that so far shows some promise. Still I was worried that my brain was unsuited for the high speed, everchanging world of mobile librarianship. But reading Cody Hanson’s articles made me realize how much thought should go into developing mobile platforms. That libraries should move with caution and concern,spend time developing their ideas. all concepts I feel comfortable with.  So I feel better about how my work patterns will fit into the library world.


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