Learning Blog 8b:Difficulties

In which I breifly attempt to explore other ideas before they overrun my project.

I blame Eli Neiburger. His speech eBooks (popularly known as) “Why libraries are screwed” has been undermy skin all week. I started out this program as a staunch defender of the codex, and while I still am a a book lover, the digital explosion of eBooks has gone faster than anyone could have predicted. While he certainly wasn’t the first to point out the difficulties with licensing, to me his summary and explanation was a well reasoned and well presented of the depressing difficulties we face.

Unfortunately this came when I was in the midst of working on a completely different topic for my Issues project. So the challenge this week is how to synthesize the various disparate ideas which are at the boundaries of my thinking. To do this without getting sidetracked from the assignment requirements. Every week we learn more and more in this class, and it’s hard to decide which ideas to explore immediately, which to let simmer, and which to reject completely.

For instance, reading and thinking this week on Experience Design has me thinking on Design in general, and about how few librarians have training or education. I remember Steve Jobs commenting on how much he learned from a Typography class he took as a young man, and how those design lessons came back years later to be implemented in the Apple. So there’s one more thing for librarians to think about….




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