Learning Blog #9b: Everything is Beta. Until it isn’t.

This week the Looking Glass was shut down as we worked on various school projects. The challenge this week was to work through multiple drafts of an upcoming paper/portal assignment. The problem with being a perfectionist is coming to understand the “everything is beta” philosophy. To be a perfectionist, encouraging this model of thinking simply lets them give in to the urge to repeatedly go back and back and back, perpetually tinkering with their project until the end of time. At least, it does with me. With my paper, at least I have some expectations that once I turn that in, it will be done. That is, when I get the paper back, I won’t be tempted (too much) to rewrite and rebuild parts. The same can not be said with my portal.

The instantaneous changes I could create threw my whole process of creation off. I kept going back to add more widgets, less widgets, change the design,go back to the old design. Add images, take them away. Forever tinkering. I blogged about this process awhile ago, but now I can see this process a little better for what it is: being perpetually in beta. Which is fine I suppose in some ways; it allows me to take risk and explore in ways that being primarily conerned with “the finished product” would not. However, in both school and the real world, there are these things called “Deadlines”. Deadlines means at some point the tinkering must stop and assignments/projects turned in. Like much of Library 2.0 philosophy: this was driven by technology (to me new tools) but not controlled by the technology. This far into the class, I still maintain this definition of Library 2.0; that it is a philsophical system rather than (solely)a technological one. I would even go far as to say it’s no longer my “beta” definition!


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