Learning Blog 10b: The Future of The Looking Glass

This week’s struggle is tangentially related to classwork; but please indulge me a little as we go off topic. I’d like to think that I’ve added something to the discussion of librarianship by keeping this blog; I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it. However the time will soon come when I will no longer have weekly assignments and prompts; the question will become should I keep it up? Should it become something else?  I remember being so excited as an undergrad to have my own personal web page: Geocities. Like most everyone else I spent a week looking at it all the time, than it was left in the graveyard of social media. Everyone has similar stories. That’s been the reminder/lesson of the class, how much work it can be to keep up a social media presence. I can’t imagine trying to keep up an Second Life avatar or a Twitter feed up at the same time! Keeping up this blog has been a struggle at times, but one I feel is probably worthwhile. The combination of personal and scholarly (I try!) writing is something new to me.

So I’m thinking the blog will continue. I have more thoughts on libraries to share; a few video projects, some thougts on children’s literature, reading, and storytelling. So who knows what the future will bring? But if reading many of the Library 2.0 thinkers has taught me anything, it’s that if libraries are going to have a future,we’re all going to have to share.


2 thoughts on “Learning Blog 10b: The Future of The Looking Glass

  1. Though I don’t often comment, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this semester. I’m glad you’ve decided to keep it up.

  2. I’m late to the party (this is a common occurrence), but I say try keeping up with it. You might not post as often, but it’s certainly worth trying. I think that blogging like this is a great way to track your progress in thinking and writing about issues you’re interested in.

    I’ve kept some form of a blog since 2002, and while I’ve switched mediums (anyone else remember Diaryland? Xanga? even poor Livejournal?), I value being able to track my progress as a thinker (and as a human, I guess) through my entries.

    You’ve got some great stuff here, and it’s clear you’re passionate about it. You can do it!

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