Learning Blog 11b: Challenges

To me it’s ironic that the more connected we seemingly become bu collaborative technology; the same difficulties of collaboration exist. Isn’t the great promise of technology that it’s going to make our lives easier?  I’m not speaking of my classwork or classmates here specifically (who are all lovely people), but the challenges in general. That is arranging to meet at a certain time, or agree on a topic, or coordinate workloads. It seems to be a reoccuring experience no matter if it’s class, work, or personal projects. Although there is an element of frustration in this post, I wonder if my experience is indicative of something more?

There is certain myth in our culture that celebrates the “lone individual, going it alone”. My education was filled mostly with solo projects and papers, occasional group collaboration was the exception, not the rule. Certainly education has changed to encourage more group learning, but it seems like there is often still resitance to group projects.

So for me the challenge this week (and next week, and the week after that, and on and on) is to be more open minded in how I approach the work. to reach out more, to trust more, and not hold on so tightly to the final results. That at least is the goal for the next round of my life; like everything else today, it’s still in the Beta phase 🙂


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