Hi My name is Matt Youngbauer. Why am I here? (in “this blog” as opposed to “this world”)

  • This blog began as  part of the required course work for MLIS 7680 at St. Catherine University, taught by Professor Joyce Yukawa
  • Originally this blog focused on library and librarian issues, mostly related to social media in libraries.
  • I wanted to continue writing, however the blog needed a new lens.

Oila! We are back. Welcome to Looking Glass. In it we shall explore children’s literature. both past present and future. There are fantastic works of literature for children and young adults that have nothing to do with Harry Potter and Twilight. My hope is the Looking Glass  will be a mirror for you, a doorway into a world of books you might not have otherwise read. If you are a caregiver  or teacher looking for new suggestions for young people, you might find a few new suggestions. If you’re an adult who loves reading young adult literature but wants to escape angsty vampires for a while, there might be a few books for you, too. We will emphasize not only recent books you may have overlooked, but also focus on  rescuing older, lost works

So step in. Step through the mirror, open the wardrobe doors, scan the skies for a tornado. Step in, we have some “flax golden tales to spin”.

Welcome to the Looking Glass.


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