“Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?” (and other Questions).

Policies, Procedures, and Pabulum

  • What is the selection process for books and authors?

I’m afraid it’s rather arbitrary. I select books and authors I like, that I feel in someway have been neglected, forgotten, or ignored. I am sure there are readers out there who are familiar with some of the works, but I’m hoping that at least a few will be new to some of you!

  • Do you take suggestions?

Yes. If there is a book or author you feel should have a wider audience, please send it along.

  • Are all these books easy to find?


  • Why not?

Because Interlibrary Loan and a good librarian are your best friends. Some of these will be easy to find in nearly anywhere (bookstore, Amazon, library, etc). Others will need some work. The nature of selecting “buried treasures” means I’m encouraging you to find a boat and set sail into uncharted waters. I will try and present a well-balanced selection, so if one week is seemingly impossible to track down, the next week will be easy.

  • This sounds amazingHow often will you be posting selections, and when?

Every other week. There will be an “interim” post,” between selections, but the main posts will go up every other week. Some essays will be multi-part, others stand alone. They will always go up Friday; when I was a kid Fridays meant the start of the weekend, Pizza night, and staying up late reading, eating hot buttered popcorn. Fridays should be celebrated.

  • What’s up with all the Alice in Wonderland stuff?

Alice encourages us to believe in impossible things before breakfast. And so do I.


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